The latest DJI Mini 3 Pro, Ronin Stabilizers and Everything We Love from DJI

In this conversation, we speak with DJI’s Arianne Burrell, their Communications Manager, all about DJI’s most recent announcements. We dive deep into the new Mini 3 Pro drone, the fly more kit, and the reason it exists in the first place. Plus, we couldn’t help but ask about the latest in their camera stabilizer line – the Ronin RS 3, and RS 3 Pro! Take a listen.

Mavic Mini Drone from @DJI Packs a Punch at Under 250g

The latest drone from @DJI is called the #Mavic Mini and weighing in at just 249g means you do not need a license to operate it. There’s way more to this tiny drone, take a listen as we break down the latest news.