Eyes-On with Apple’s New Vision Pro

Apple may call this device a spatial computer, but in reality, it’s a great high-quality virtual reality headset with extended-reality features. In this segment from YourTechReport on SiriusXM Mitchell Whitfield talks about his experience with Apple Vision Pro. He highlights the potential applications, praises its immersive visuals and user-friendly features, and explores the curiosity about the availability in international markets.

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TCL’s Gorgeous New Televisions

Normally, we have to wait at least a year to get our hands on what TCL announces at CES – This year is different, with products headed for our shelves very soon. Enjoy our conversation with TCL Product Evangelist Bruce Walker. Bruce discusses TCL’s success in the TV market and their focus on delivering premium products. They talk about the popularity of QLED technology and how TCL has achieved high sales and revenue growth in that category. They also mention TCL’s partnership with the NFL and Call of Duty to target specific markets. Bruce Walker highlights the importance of performance and the customer experience in the industry, mentioning techs like HDR, Dolby Vision, and Mini LED backlights.

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Exploring Apple’s M3 Chips, Space Black Laptops and Humane’s AI Pin with Patrick O’Rourke

In this episode of YourTechReport, host Marc Aflalo welcomes Patrick O’Rourke, Editor-in-Chief at MobileSyrup, for an in-depth discussion on Apple’s latest M3 chips. They delve into where these new chips stand in the Apple lineup and debate the necessity of upgrading. The conversation also covers Patrick’s hands-on experience with Apple’s new “Space Black” color option and its grease-resistant features. Additionally, they touch on Humane’s recently announced AI pin, with Patrick sharing both his personal views and insights from the MobileSyrup team.

Shaping the Future of Education: Insights from Microsoft’s Study with Dr. Elka Walsh

In this enlightening episode, we delve into a recent Microsoft study revealing a concerning gap in modern education. According to the study, just over half of teachers (52%) believe that students are being taught with methods that align with the skills needed for their future. A significant 79% of educators underscore the importance of data literacy and digital citizenship for today’s learners. Yet, only 35% feel that most teachers have access to the best technological tools for effective teaching. To unpack these findings and discuss Microsoft’s role in shaping education, we’re joined by Dr. Elka Walsh, Associate Vice President of Learning & Teaching at Microsoft Canada. Tune in as we explore the challenges and opportunities in equipping both teachers and students for a rapidly evolving digital world.

New Roku study reveals it takes streamers 13 minutes to find something to watch

In this episode of YourTechReport heard weekly on SiriusXM channel 167, we’re joined by Roku’s head of advertising sales, Christina Summers. Christina joins us to discuss the company’s new edition of their annual study. We discuss key insights and TV streaming trends in Canada. More on TV streaming content trends and what Canadians are watching, and, why ad-supported content is having such a comeback.

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The Best True Wireless Ear Buds I have Ever Used

James Bertuzzi, CEO of Status Audio joins Marc Aflalo in this conversation about Status and the Between 3ANC true wireless earbuds. In the conversation, James discusses the reason behind the 3ANC design, how the company was formed and his passion for high quality audio. This is another YourTechReport episode not to miss.

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