It’s no secret that we’re big fans of TCL; it’s also no secret that while their televisions were once considered some of the best televisions “for the money”, they’re now considered some of the best televisions…period. So what’s next for TCL? Take a listen as we talk with Brand Evangelist Bruce Walker to find out the next BIG thing TCL has in store for us… 

In this episode, we welcome back Larry O’Connor, Founder of OWC ( Since the start of the year, OWC has announced some amazing docks and accessories plus the company has acquired some other companies all during COVID. Take a listen to our chat with Larry!

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As much as people love their smart watches, the main complaint about them has always been that they just don’t look and feel like a traditional watch—but all of the changes with the new CZ from Citizen. Take a listen as we chat with Eric Horowitz, Managing Director of the Citizen brand, about how they created their first smart watch, and what it takes to be one of the top watch brands in the world.

Technology affects every aspect of our lives…even playing board games; and thanks to technology, board-gamers all over the world were able to stay connected during the pandemic and keep their weekly game nights while maintaining social distance. In this episode, we chat with Jamey Stegmaier–the head of Stonemaier Games and one of the top board game designers in the world, about how technology has impacted him as a designer, publisher and gamer.

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