Experiences with the New iPad Models, Microsoft’s AI Integration and Making AI Accessible and Useful

This week, Marc Aflalo and Mitchell Whitfield discuss various tech topics, including the reimagining of Windows, the new Microsoft Surface devices, the comparison between Windows and Mac computers, and their experiences with the new iPad. They also mention the future of gaming and the potential shift towards PC gaming. Dan Ackerman from Micro Center News joins the conversation to share his perspective on Microsoft’s Build Conference. At the Microsoft event, the big point of differentiation was the integration of AI in an accessible and friendly way. Microsoft showcased AI features that are coming to Windows, making it part of the workflow and useful. The focus was on how AI can help users rather than just showcasing its capabilities. Microsoft’s approach is to make AI applications frictionless and seamlessly integrated into their products. The event also highlighted the shift from Intel to Qualcomm chips in PCs, signaling a potential change in the PC world. Apple may be under pressure to match Microsoft’s advancements in AI and software integration.


00:00 Introduction and Overview

04:07 The Reimagining of Windows and the Advancements in Hardware

09:49 Comparing Windows and Mac Computers

13:07 Experiences with the New iPad Models

23:01 Using the Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe for Apple TV 4K

25:52 Navigating Tech Events and Finding Familiar Faces

26:22 Differentiation at Microsoft Event

28:16 Frictionless AI Integration

30:40 Endless Possibilities for Gamers

32:48 Shift from Intel to Qualcomm

35:13 Matching AI Capabilities

36:30 Apple Under Pressure

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Everything you missed at Apple’s May 7th iPad event!

Watch the full video of this episode: https://youtu.be/jAIogJmML8A

Everything you missed at Apple’s May 7th iPad event! From the new iPad Air to the brand new design of the iPad Pro, Marc Aflalo and Mitchell Whitfield break it all down in this conversation. We dive into the entire iPad lineup, our preferences, and why Marc and Mitchell clearly have different perspectives on value.


00:00 Apple Announces New iPads and Google Introduces Pixel 8A

08:36 iPad Air: A Great Choice for Students

14:39 iPad Pro: A Powerful Device for Multimedia and AI

25:05 Apple’s Focus on AI: Licensing vs. Developing

34:01 The New Apple Pencil: Enhanced Features for Creatives

37:11 The Magic Keyboard: Improved Functionality and Portability

43:18 The Potential for Adobe Audition on the iPad

Apple introduced the iPad Air with a larger size, improved camera placement, and stereo speakers. The M2 processor and increased storage options make it a great choice for students. The iPad Pro now features the M4 processor, OLED display, and Thunderbolt connectivity. The price can vary depending on storage and display options. Apple is positioning the iPad Pro as a powerful device for multimedia and AI capabilities. In this conversation, Marc Aflalo discusses the new iPad lineup and the updates to the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard. He also speculates on Apple’s approach to AI and the potential for Adobe Audition to come to the iPad. The conversation covers topics such as the different iPad sizes, the benefits and drawbacks of each size, the use of AI in Apple’s software, and the potential for AI in video game development. Marc also mentions the updates to Final Cut Pro and Logic for the iPad.

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DaVinci Resolve 19 & Everything New At BlackMagic Design

Blackmagic Design announces new products at NAB in Vegas, including the URSA CINE 12K LF camera and the Pyxis box camera. Dave Hoffman joins us to discuss the new features in Resolve 19, such as the integration of the Fairlight audio suite and the replay system. The conversation touches on the Blackmagic Cloud Store and the ability to collaborate and edit in real-time using the cloud. They also mention the focus on mobile with the release of Resolve on the iPad and the upcoming camera app for Android. The future of AI models and AR cinematography is briefly discussed.


00:00 Introduction and Overview

03:38 New Products at NAB: URSA CINE 12K LF and Pixis

09:06 Blackmagic IP10 Codec and 2110 Compatibility

13:18 Collaboration and Real-Time Editing with Blackmagic Cloud Store

16:12 Resolve 19: Integration of Fairlight and Transcription Engine

28:21 The Future of AI Models and AR Cinematography

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The Evolution of Docking Stations and Thunderbolt 5

On this episode of YourTechReport, we chat with Yuji Wakabayashi at Kensington. The conversation discusses the evolution of docking stations and the features of the SD 4880P dock. The dock category has seen a surge in popularity due to the changing needs of laptop users. The SD 4880 P dock offers 10 USB ports and can support up to four monitors. It is driverless and provides a seamless connection experience. The conversation also touches on the design elements of docks and the potential for future advancements in dock technology, such as smaller and more powerful devices. Thunderbolt 5 is mentioned as a significant leap in data transfer speeds and capabilities.

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Repurposing Waste Materials for Vehicle Parts at Ford

Debbie Mielewski, the director of sustainability at Ford Motor Company, discusses how the company is turning waste into valuable resources. Ford is using soy-based foam, wheat straw, algae, and even carbon dioxide to create materials for their vehicles. They are also utilizing 3D printing to repurpose waste powder into fuel clips. Ford’s sustainability efforts date back to Henry Ford, who used soy oil and wheat straw in his cars. The collaboration with HP and Smile Direct Club allows Ford to further reduce waste and explore new possibilities in a closed-loop economy.

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Razer Empowers Gamers to Make Sustainable Choices

Kenneth Ng, the global sustainability lead at Razer, discusses the company’s efforts to incorporate recycled materials in their gaming peripherals and reduce their carbon footprint. He explains the challenges of using recycled materials while maintaining product quality and performance. Neng emphasizes the importance of repairability and extending the lifecycle of products. Razer encourages their community to recycle with them and offers incentives for doing so. The response from the Razer community has been positive, as they have always valued modularity and upgradability. Neng concludes by expressing Razer’s commitment to sustainability and empowering gamers to make sustainable choices.

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Can Bad Reviews Kill Companies?

The conversation revolves around the responsibility of tech reviewers and the impact of their reviews on companies. The discussion is sparked by a negative review of the Humane AI pin by Marques Brownlee. Marc and Mitchell debate whether bad reviews can kill companies and the ethics of clickbait titles. They also touch on the importance of fair and honest reviews, the role of product improvement, and the influence of review titles.

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Audeze’s Journey: From Acquisition to Innovation with CEO Sankar

In this conversation, Sankar, the co-founder and CEO of Audeze, discusses life after the acquisition by Sony’s PlayStation division and the company’s approach to designing headphones for gaming and pro audio. He highlights the importance of collaboration with studios and artists in creating high-quality products. Sankar also talks about the advantage of being early in spatial audio technology and how Audeze continues to improve in this area. He explains the significance of customizing sound with Reveal Plus and shares some insights into the company’s future plans and upcoming products.


  • Audeze is an independent subsidiary of Sony’s PlayStation division, continuing to make its own audio file and gaming products under its own branding.
  • The company collaborates closely with studios and artists to ensure their headphones meet the needs of professionals in the industry.
  • Being early in spatial audio technology has given Audeze an advantage, and they continue to work on improving spatial audio experiences.
  • The Reveal Plus plugin allows users to customize the sound to their specific ears, enhancing the mixing experience.


00:00 Introduction and Life after Sony Acquisition

02:07 Designing Headphones for Gaming and Pro Audio

04:59 Collaboration with Studios and Artists

06:18 Advantage of Being Early in Spatial Audio

08:03 Continuous Improvement in Spatial Audio

11:28 Customizing Sound with Reveal Plus

13:59 Future Plans and Upcoming Products

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Micro Center News: Expert Tech Advice with Dan Ackerman

In this episode, Dan Ackerman, editor-in-chief of Micro Center News, talks about the current state of tech journalism and the importance of providing reliable tech advice to consumers. He explains how Micro Center News combines traditional and online storefronts to offer expert guidance. The conversation also touches on the challenges of navigating social media and the intersection of technology with other areas. Dan expresses his enthusiasm for building desktops and the potential of AI running on local machines, highlighting companies like Nvidia and Intel as leaders in AI development. The episode wraps up with a discussion of Micro Center News’ future plans.


  • Micro Center News aims to provide reliable tech advice and consumer news.
  • The tech journalism space continues to grow, and there is room for more publications.
  • Navigating social media can be challenging due to the influx of poor quality information.
  • Exciting developments include desktop building, AI on local machines, and advancements in AI by companies like Nvidia and Intel.


00:00 Introduction and Micro Center News

01:26 The State of Tech Journalism

03:02 Blending Traditional and Online Storefronts

04:22 Expanding Topics on Micro Center News

05:11 Navigating the Blurry World of Social Media

07:17 The Intersection of Tech and Other Areas

08:20 Geeking Out on Desktop Building

09:26 Tinkering with Technology

10:05 Interactivity and Audience Participation

11:29 Exciting Technological Developments

12:08 The Power of AI on Local Machines

13:15 Companies Excelling in AI

14:39 Micro Center News’ Future Plans

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