The Origin of Philips’s Hue Connect Lighting

This is a really fun episode of YourTechReport. It began as a general converation about Philips’ Hue’s connected lighting and after the first question I quickly realized that this is going to be a lot more and a lot deeper. Joining us this week is George Yianni, the CTO of Hue Connected. George has been with the company since the idea of the smart connect bulb was hatched and he tells us the story of how it all came to be.

Empowering our Children to be Financially Confident with Mydoh

We caught up with our friends at Mydoh to talk about their latest survey results. The summary? Over half of Canadian parents (54%) feel like their parents weren’t proactive enough in teaching them about money and budgeting to be financially confident as an adult. Take a listen to our conversation with Sammer Haq, Head of Data and Analytics, and Angelique de Montbrun, Chief Marketing Officer.

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Logitech’s Designed for Mac Collection Debuts New Keyboards and Mice

We are big fans of everything Logitech does. When they announced their Designed for Mac collection of products we had to reach out to the source. In this conversation you’ll hear Marc Aflalo inconversation with Maxim Bondar, Head of Global Business & Marketing, Logitech MX at Logitech. We have a great chat about everything that goes into designing products at Logitech. Take a listen.

Talking Wingspan Asia with Jamey Stegmaier

Jamey Stegmaier and his company Stonemaier games have consistently put out some of the greatest board games ever made; so when they release something new, it always catches our attention. Take a listen as we chat with Jamey about Wingspan Asia, the latest expansion for the hit game Wingspan…and how it changes everything we thought we knew about one of our favorite games.

Helping Canadians’ Youth and Teachers To Learn Code

Canada Learning Code is an organization dedicated to bringing accessible computer science to communities across Canada. Their one-stop-shop approach provides educators with the tools to teach computer science to all ages across all subjects. In this interview, we speak with Melissa Sariffodeen CEO of Canada Learning Code, and learn a little more about the initiative and where it is headed.

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Taking The Pain out of Moving with MoveSnap

In this episode we chat with Tonya Currie, CEO of MoveSnap. MoveSnap is a PropTech platform and moving concierge service that provides an exceptional moving experience for homeowners and renters, while giving our professional partners the edge over their competition. We learn more about the company and all that they do to make OUR lives easier when moving.

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Noah Adelman talks Game Trayz First Game: Forsaken

If you’re a board gamer, you’re probably already familiar with Game Trayz…the company that creates all of the cool inserts that keep your games organized and easier to get to the table. Now, Game Trayz is publishing its first game…and founder Noah Adelman joins us to talk about Forsaken, and making the leap from board game organizing to board game publishing.


Shopping Smarter with CNET’s Dan Ackerman

The absolute king of comparason shopping in the tech space is CNET. Now, they’ve launched a new tool to help bring those comparasons to your browser with a new browser extension. Joining us this week is CNET’s Dan Ackerman who has been in this space for the better part of 20 years. Dan talks all things consumer tech with us on this episode of YTR!