Getting Cozy with Acer’s Eric Ackerman and their New Lineup of Great Laptops

In this episode, we chat with Eric Ackerman, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Acer! Eric fills us in on all the hard work Acer is doing across their lineup of products, including, but nowhere limited to, Chromebooks, Laptops, Desktops, Monitors, Tablets, Gaming PCs, and so much more. Take a listen as we dive deep!

Diving into Summer Pool Season with Polaris’ Chris Shanley and Automatic Pool Cleaners

When summer comes around so does pool season! Keeping your water clean and safe is high atop the list of things to do every day. Polaris’ robotic pool cleaners take the elbow grease out of making that happen with amazing technology that gets to know your pool better than you do. In this conversation with Sr. Product Manager Chris Shanley we dive into Polaris’ latest cleaners and talk about all the hard work that goes into making these devices a must-have for every pool owner.

Lutron Announces New Serena Architectural Honeycomb Shades

Its always exciting to chat with companies whose products we use on a daily basis! In this episode we speak with Lutron’s Melissa Andresko about the new Serena Architectural Honeycomb Shades. We also get into the benefits of the Smart Home and the future.

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New Bikes from Super73

New customers get $75 off any Super73 bike using our affiliate link:

We’ve been covering Super73 since they released their first electric motorbike, and the company continues to grow and put out excellent products every year; but this time they’ve outdone themselves. Super73 has just announced their first electric motorcycle, the CX1, as well as multiple new models, including the Super73-R Brooklyn, the Super73-Z Miami, and the Super73 Youth Series. Taken directly from our SiriusXM YourTechReport Radio Show, take a look as we chat with Super73 Co-Founder Michael Cannovo, and see why electric motorbike fans have a lot to be excited about this year and beyond…

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Digging Into Apple’s Latest Products: iPad Air, iPhone SE, Mac Studio and More

In this episode, Marc (Aflalo) and Mitchell (Whitfield) talk all about Apple’s announcements at the fall event. The iPhone SE, the new iPad Air, the new Studio Display, and the all-new Mac Studio. We pick it apart plus a bonus, Apple TV and the impact NFL rights would have on the landscape of TV as we know it.

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TCL’s Product Announcements from #CES2022 with Bruce Walker

We’ve been talking about TCL televisions for years…and while they may have once been known as just a “value” brand, TCL televisions now feature some of the best tech in the industry to match their completive pricing. So what’s the latest from TCL? Take a listen and find out as we chat with Brand Evangelist Bruce Walker!

Redefining Automation and WFH with Zapier Co-Founder Mike Knoop

I couldn’t help but geek out in this interview as I’ve been a @Zapier user since almost the beginning. This company has been doing “Work from Home” since the very beginning and knows a thing or two. Co-Founder @MikeKnoop joins us as we dive into WFH and how the company helps business owners, and individuals, connect cloud-based services to redefine what you can do with “automation”.