Micro Center News: Expert Tech Advice with Dan Ackerman

In this episode, Dan Ackerman, editor-in-chief of Micro Center News, talks about the current state of tech journalism and the importance of providing reliable tech advice to consumers. He explains how Micro Center News combines traditional and online storefronts to offer expert guidance. The conversation also touches on the challenges of navigating social media and the intersection of technology with other areas. Dan expresses his enthusiasm for building desktops and the potential of AI running on local machines, highlighting companies like Nvidia and Intel as leaders in AI development. The episode wraps up with a discussion of Micro Center News’ future plans.


  • Micro Center News aims to provide reliable tech advice and consumer news.
  • The tech journalism space continues to grow, and there is room for more publications.
  • Navigating social media can be challenging due to the influx of poor quality information.
  • Exciting developments include desktop building, AI on local machines, and advancements in AI by companies like Nvidia and Intel.


00:00 Introduction and Micro Center News

01:26 The State of Tech Journalism

03:02 Blending Traditional and Online Storefronts

04:22 Expanding Topics on Micro Center News

05:11 Navigating the Blurry World of Social Media

07:17 The Intersection of Tech and Other Areas

08:20 Geeking Out on Desktop Building

09:26 Tinkering with Technology

10:05 Interactivity and Audience Participation

11:29 Exciting Technological Developments

12:08 The Power of AI on Local Machines

13:15 Companies Excelling in AI

14:39 Micro Center News’ Future Plans

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