Revolutionizing Sound: Dolby Atmos’ Immersive Audio Experience on Audible with Georgia Knox

On this episode of YourTechReport, host Marc Aflalo welcomes special guest Georgia Knox from Audible to discuss an exciting advancement in audio storytelling. They dive deep into the recent collaboration between Dolby Laboratories and Audible, which has led to the launch of Dolby Atmos on Audible, a collection of immersive, cinematic listening experiences that push the boundaries of traditional audio narratives.

Marc and Georgia explore how Dolby Atmos enhances the auditory experience by placing sounds in a multidimensional space, creating a deeper, richer, and more lifelike audio experience for listeners. They also touch on Audible’s commitment to providing the best experiences to their customers, as well as empowering creators with innovative tools to create extraordinary audio content.

The conversation highlights the launch collection, featuring more than 40 of Audible’s most popular Originals, now available in spatial audio with Dolby Atmos. They delve into new titles like “The Little Mermaid,” narrated by Leigh-Anne Pinnock, which promises a magical retelling of the classic fairy tale in immersive sound.

Tune in for a stimulating discussion on how Dolby Atmos is set to revolutionize the world of audio storytelling on Audible, and what this means for creators, listeners, and the future of the audio entertainment industry.

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