TCL’s Product Announcements from #CES2022 with Bruce Walker

We’ve been talking about TCL televisions for years…and while they may have once been known as just a “value” brand, TCL televisions now feature some of the best tech in the industry to match their completive pricing. So what’s the latest from TCL? Take a listen and find out as we chat with Brand Evangelist Bruce Walker!

Redefining Automation and WFH with Zapier Co-Founder Mike Knoop

I couldn’t help but geek out in this interview as I’ve been a @Zapier user since almost the beginning. This company has been doing “Work from Home” since the very beginning and knows a thing or two. Co-Founder @MikeKnoop joins us as we dive into WFH and how the company helps business owners, and individuals, connect cloud-based services to redefine what you can do with “automation”.

My First Official Ransomware Attack and What I Learnt

Last week I got a suspicious email, from myself, claiming to have been hit by Ransomware. While I do not believe any information was compromised I do know that the password they told me they had is, or was, one that I, unfortunately, used on multiple sites. Thankfully I have multi-factor authentication on important but that didn’t stop the need to change over 400 passwords with much more secure options in my password manager. Hear the complete story and warnings during my conversation with Matt Gurney!

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