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Samsung always seems to have the biggest presence at CES…and this year was no different; and since we couldn’t get to CES this year, we wanted to bring the Samsung experience to us! Take a listen as Mitchell and Marc talk with Samsung’s Jeff Ingram about all of the technology that the…(Read More)

When we hear the name Kodak, most of us think about cameras and film from our childhood; but today, Kodak has a lot more going on than just imaging…Take a listen as Marc and Mitchell chat with Kodak’s Graem Millala about the company’s new direction and how they are using their experience…(Read More)

This week on YourTechReport, Marc and Mitchell talk to Kodak’s Graem Millala about what the company has been doing in the Smart Home space; they also chat with Samsung’s Jeff Ingram about all of the tech giant’s reveals at this year’s CES…and the boys welcome back Zachary Aflalo to get…(Read More)

What could we possibly be talking about this week? #CES2020. Although Mitchell and Marc were stuck at home nursing pneumonia and colds – Steven Scott was on site and joins the two “sickies” to talk all about AI, folding laptops, autonomous vehicles and so much more from the floor at CES 2020…(Read More)

Sony is known for many things – one of which is professional audio. Take a listen as we chat with Sony’s Andy Munitz all about his career with Sony from his early days cutting tape to the digital revolution we are all experiencing today…(Read More)

Ultimate Ears has been around since 1995 manufacturing custom in-ear monitors for touring musicians worldwide. Thanks to their new Fitkit technology, custom headphones are more accessible than ever, and we dive into the tech and the products with UE’s General Manager Jonah Staw. Take a listen…(Read More)