Everything you missed at Apple’s May 7th iPad event!

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Everything you missed at Apple’s May 7th iPad event! From the new iPad Air to the brand new design of the iPad Pro, Marc Aflalo and Mitchell Whitfield break it all down in this conversation. We dive into the entire iPad lineup, our preferences, and why Marc and Mitchell clearly have different perspectives on value.


00:00 Apple Announces New iPads and Google Introduces Pixel 8A

08:36 iPad Air: A Great Choice for Students

14:39 iPad Pro: A Powerful Device for Multimedia and AI

25:05 Apple’s Focus on AI: Licensing vs. Developing

34:01 The New Apple Pencil: Enhanced Features for Creatives

37:11 The Magic Keyboard: Improved Functionality and Portability

43:18 The Potential for Adobe Audition on the iPad

Apple introduced the iPad Air with a larger size, improved camera placement, and stereo speakers. The M2 processor and increased storage options make it a great choice for students. The iPad Pro now features the M4 processor, OLED display, and Thunderbolt connectivity. The price can vary depending on storage and display options. Apple is positioning the iPad Pro as a powerful device for multimedia and AI capabilities. In this conversation, Marc Aflalo discusses the new iPad lineup and the updates to the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard. He also speculates on Apple’s approach to AI and the potential for Adobe Audition to come to the iPad. The conversation covers topics such as the different iPad sizes, the benefits and drawbacks of each size, the use of AI in Apple’s software, and the potential for AI in video game development. Marc also mentions the updates to Final Cut Pro and Logic for the iPad.

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