New 5G Solis Wifi Hotspot for Travelers: Insights from CEO Eric Plam on the Importance of Reliable WiFi

In this podcast episode, Eric Plam, the CEO of Solis, announces a new 5G wifi hotspot designed for travelers. He talks about the importance of reliable and fast wifi when traveling, and how the new 5G Solis wifi hotspot addresses this need. He explains how the hotspot uses the latest 5G technology to provide faster internet speeds and a more stable connection, making it easier for travelers to stay connected while on the go. He also mentions the hotspot’s compact and portable design, making it easy to carry around and use in different locations. Additionally, he discusses the hotspot’s security features, such as VPN support and advanced encryption.. Overall, the episode provides an in-depth look at the new 5G Solis wifi hotspot, and how it addresses the needs of travelers in terms of internet connectivity.

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